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Breakdown or Breakthrough? It’s Your Choice.

A spiritual teacher once taught me that crisis proceeds change. The storm will come before you make a breakthrough. It always seems to work this way.

When your whole world is crashing down around you, or it just feels that way, ask yourself: Is there something you have been working toward about to manifest? Is your life starting to reveal some changes, and are you holding on for dear life, to the old comfortable place? Then pay attention:


Remember the dreams that you longed for and prayed for? You could now be standing on one side of the dream river with another on the other side. The ol’ painful one foot in, one foot out routine. Be aware that this may be what is holding you back from the inevidable breakthrough. This calls for a dose of letting go. Surrender to the new; let go of the old.

Don’t hold onto the old for nostalgic reasons. It may just be what’s bringing you down. Be weary of negative patterns and how comfortable they are, the longer you’ve indulged in them. To get out of that place that is causing resistance requires action. Take positive action TOWARD your dream, not away from it. Let go of the security blanket and learn to dance a new step.


When you are not going through crisis, practice taking risks on your terms. Make goals and take action steps to meet those goals. If your scared to get out on the dance floor, take a dance lesson. If you’re a writer afraid of rejection, then pitch a story to a newspaper. Don’t allow a meltdown to happen if it doesn’t work out. Look at it as practice. Experiment with life.


When you’re going through something fierce, don’t grind yourself into the ground. Be good to yourself. Take old things that have been healthy forms of comfort for you, like walking the dog or drinking a glass of apple juice, and incorporate them into your daily routine. Learn new relaxation techniques at yoga and meditation classes.

Also, do what you love. PIck up that hobby you normally love to do. Go have some recreational fun.

Most importantly while traveling through the abyss, is to communicate your experience. Spend quality time around healthy supportive people in your life. This will calm your ass down like no other. You need to practice describing what you’re experiencing in real-time, to friends and supportive family, in order to ground your feelings, in order to not feel alone and in order to not lose your mind during the crisis.


Get out of your head by helping others. Volunteer at The American Red Cross or some other non-profit organization. Google “non profits Denver,” or wherever you live. Helping others will be like a shot of calm in your arm. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Seriously. Try teaching someone something you know or mentor someone. You will spend your time wisely because your problems and crisis will vanish for a few minutes. Just enough time to surrender the old patterns. This can create a pathway for the breakthrough to happen.


You have got to do something different in order to get a differernt result. If you start down a path of destruction, that is what you will reap. You cannot put a cat’s tail on a rat’s ass. You cannot keep repeating the same storyline, thinking you’ll get a different ending. You won’t. You must do something different to reap a different kind of harvest.


Whatever you do—keep on moving. Keep on taking action even when you think you have no steam left in you. Even if you don’t think you are heading in the right direction, pick another path and keep on going. You will make it. You ARE making it. You’re closer than you think. Welcome to the world of breakthroughs!


About Lisa Jo Barr

I am a Social Media Director and freelance writer. My articles and columns have been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. I've done copywriting and technical writing. Poetry and personal essays. Et cetera. I am a lover of art. I am a very visual person and love to do collage art. I love art in all mediums and have created a virtual art gallery on Twitter ( @ABCcustomframe ). Swimming, volunteering, meditating, traveling, dancing, I love the art of conversation. The art of creative writing. The art of storytelling. The art of leadership. Great customer service. Great theatre. Great people. I dig these. I love to have fun, to laugh, to inspire. Life is an adventure. Love conquers all. Be who you are.

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